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Mule Deer are named for their large, 9 inches long, mule-like ears that keep deer alert for signs of danger. Their vision and hearing are acute, but Mule Deer rely largely upon the sense of smell. They can easily overlook stationary objects. They have an obvious white rump patch, and a small, rope-like white tail with a black tip. The Mule Deer's fine-textured coat is reddish-brown in the summer and grayish with dark brown coloration on the chest in the winter.

Mule Deer - Description

 Mule Deer - Pictures
Picture source: © 2002
Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment. Lakehead University
Fawns have white spots on the back and sides that gradually disappear within 3-4 months. During the first year the male fawn develops hair-covered bumps at the head that enlarge in spring with a velvety covering of skin. In autumn, the antlers harden to a bone-like consistency. The velvet dries. And the buck removes it by rubbing his antlers on trees. An adult buck has 4 points on each antler. In late winter the antlers are shed. This process of antler growth continues throughout the buck's life. Antlers develop fully in about 150 days. Bucks don't use the antlers as protection from predators, but only to establish dominance over other bucks.
 Mule Deer - Pictures
Picture source:
Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den ©
Kim A. Cabrera

Mule Deer - Habitat

Mule Deer inhabit open uplands. They prefer rough, steep canyons vegetated with brushy pockets, plum thickets and other shrubby areas. In the USA the subspecies of Mule Deer, the Black-tailed Deer inhabit rugged, desert regions and mountainous wooded regions. So Mule Deer can be found practically in any type of habitat.

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